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    Mélodie & Anthony (lundi, 07 septembre 2020 08:23)

    Eric and Daniela accompanied us on one of the happiest days of our lives. You are brilliant, professional, attentive, attentive and above all discreet. We had a wonderful day and you put your little touch to it. Our guests were won over by your professionalism and dynamism, what a compliment from them !!! I will recommend you to those around me with your eyes closed. We missed the flash today, we're getting a taste for it. Now we look forward to our photos to relive this exceptional day ... A big THANK YOU!

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    Angeline & Pierre-Marie (mardi, 01 septembre 2020 12:58)

    A high quality service
    Two very professional photographers who made our day more than wonderful! They were both present and discreet, reassuring and benevolent. Many thanks EL Photographe for all your support during this special period that you have finally made easier.

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    Cécile & Nicolas (vendredi, 24 juillet 2020 16:27)

    Eric is our wedding crush. We recommend it with your eyes closed. Eric and Christelle gave us wonderful photos. They are kind, funny, professional, discreet ...
    Do not hesitate any longer choose El photographer!

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    Kristina & Jean-Paul (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:59)

    Very professional and very friendly!
    We have not yet received our photos but we have been very satisfied with the performance of Eric and his wife. They are very pleasant people, they work well as a team and know how to build confidence. The contact was also very good with our guests. Everyone appreciated it ! We look forward to receiving the photos now!
    Kristina & Jean-Paul

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    Stéphanie & Ahmadou (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:56)

    Photographer of my excellent wedding
    Super photographer they come as a couple so two different work they put people at ease All our guests were delighted with the pictures and praised the work of the photographers during the evening.
    They are listening to us after the evening to work on the final album.
    And quality / price nothing to say
    Stéphanie & Ahmadou

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    Kanaé et Masahiko (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:52)

    A big thank-you
    Eric and Daniela are a couple of exceptional photographers. They are discreet and very professional in their work but in addition they are so kind and warm. We are not used to being photographed but they were able to put us at ease and relax the atmosphere. All our guests found them pleasant. We are therefore very satisfied and very impatient to see the photos. Many thanks to both of you.

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    Alicia and Brendan (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:50)

    Alicia and Brendan wedding
    Very professional and very competent photographers. They managed to make us comfortable in front of the lens. The photos are beautiful. I highly recommend!

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    Tom and Jeny (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:47)

    Extraordinary experience, to recommend
    If you hesitate, then frankly do not hesitate any more choose Eric Lahurte and his wife Daniela they are two very very professional people. I really had a great time alone and then during our wedding day with these two very nice photographers, listening.
    Frankly you can trust them with your eyes closed, we will not hesitate to call on them again at the sight of very reasonable rates, in view of the service provided! And the advantage is that there are two of them and they are really adorable. Another big thank you to Eric and Daniela
    Tom and Jeny

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    Clémence & Adrien (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:45)

    Top and professional photographer / videographer couple!
    We really recommend the services of Eric and Daniela with which we were satisfied. They are friendly and very professional. We chose the full package of preparations up to the assembled piece and they accompanied us throughout the day as planned, starting with the hairdresser in the morning.
    They adapt to the expectations and wishes of the bride and groom, as well as to feasibility depending on conditions, location etc.
    We have just discovered the photos on the online gallery and the rendering is really great we are looking forward to receiving the DVD with the film which is being edited. Even the group photos that ended when it was dark due to the timing looked good.
    We really recommend their services and personally the most complete formula to avoid regrets and stress on D-Day.

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    Emeline & Benjamin (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:40)

    2 photographers for the price of one, what more! Eric and Daniella were also great, very friendly and humorous, it was a real pleasure to share this day with them, at ease and in total confidence. Only provider to offer me album, x10 prints and USB key included in the package at this price I absolutely do not regret my choice. Album not yet received following my numerous requests for modifications, I look forward to it.
    A big thank you to this beautiful couple, you were perfect.
    Emeline & Benjamin

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    Florence & Xavier (jeudi, 09 avril 2020 13:32)

    Hot recommendation for a top team at all levels! Talent, listening and a touch of humor and delicacy that changes everything :) And discreet! In short, go ahead with your eyes closed!
    Florence & Xavier

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    Charlotte et Valentin (lundi, 22 juillet 2019 11:06)

    We would like to say a huge thank you to Eric and Daniela for their kindness and professionalism. They knew how to listen to us and put us at ease. The photos are beautiful. Thanks to them our happiness is immortalized in a very beautiful way. We are very grateful and recommend them without hesitation! Nice continuation to you and thanks again.

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    Audrey & Kevin (mardi, 25 juin 2019 10:04)

    A couple of photographers who know the job well. They manage to put the married couple in confidence. They know how to do a very good job and remain invisible, which makes them particularly effective.
    Audrey & Kevin

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    Angélique and Cedric (mardi, 25 juin 2019 09:44)

    So just a word wow, two exceptional people. Thank you for being here. You are adorable, we had a good laugh. I recommend them but a thousand times.
    Angélique and Cedric

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    Cécilia and Michael (dimanche, 23 juin 2019 18:37)

    Good evening,
    Thank you for the photos! They are wonderful! You and Daniela have done a magnificent job!
    Good evening to you,
    Cécilia and Michael

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    Sabrine & Mario (lundi, 11 février 2019 12:39)

    A caring photographer
    We highly recommend EL Photographe, a caring professional.
    It all started around a simple cafe 10 months before our wedding. We were able to freely discuss our expectations and EL Photographer advise us.
    Married since June 2018, we confirm that the results are superb. We took our time for the photos of the album and we received a beautiful model with suggestions perfectly well chosen.
    EL Photographer accompanies you before, during and after your wedding with the same professionalism.
    It is important to specify that the services offered by EL photographer allow to adapt to all budgets.
    Sabrine & Mario

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    Keren & Yann (vendredi, 08 février 2019 10:21)

    Thank you for everything.
    Eric and Daniela are so discreet and they put in trust.
    I am usually tense when I take a picture but they know how to make you feel comfortable that it happens alone.
    We have discovered photos that we do not even suspect of existence.
    They are also very good tips outside pictures (like holding the bouquet.)
    Short. Go for it.
    Kindness, availability, responsiveness, price, quality. Everything is there.
    Thanks again Eric and Daniela.
    Keren & Yann
    married on 10/27/2018

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    Etienne & Ségolène (jeudi, 07 février 2019 18:21)

    Excellent performance!
    We were lucky that Eric, Daniela and their daughter came to immortalize our wedding that took place on September 29, 2018. They were just perfect! We really appreciated their professionalism, good humor, smiles, discretion, flexibility, and were able to take away all the stress that can invade us for this special day. The quality of the service is top, before, during and after the wedding!
    The rendering of photos is also top!
    In short, we recommend them without hesitation!
    Etienne & Ségolène (married on 29/09/2018)

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    Carole and Justine (jeudi, 07 février 2019 18:16)

    Just a word thank you
    Thanks again to Eric and Daniela for their benefit! Everything was perfect, they were able to adapt despite the cold! And despite the protests, they made sure to be there in advance.
    Thank you for your kindness, your flexibility, your good mood and your smiles.
    We can not wait to see the result!
    Carole and Justine

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    Karine & Manu (mardi, 06 novembre 2018 18:07)

    Eric and Daniela are excellent, accessible. They blend into the family and have helped us make this day an exceptional moment. I recommend them.
    Around us everyone envied us.
    Karine & Manu

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    Karine & Volph (mardi, 30 octobre 2018 18:59)

    A big thank-you
    Eric and his wife are a great duo of photographers, they understand our need, adapt and make us comfortable. The rendering is beautiful, very good quality photos so do not hesitate to contact them!
    Karine & Volph

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    Jennifer & Thierry (vendredi, 03 août 2018 16:00)

    Many thanks to Eric & Daniela, they were really perfect. We had a great time, from the engagement photos, the wedding preparations, to the ceremony until the end of the evening of our wedding. Professionalism at the top. It lacks stars because they deserve 5 stars.
    Jennifer & Thierry

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    Amelie and Damien (vendredi, 03 août 2018 15:59)

    What a joy to be accompanied for this great moment by Eric and Daniela!
    An exceptional couple, that we recommend with eyes closed!
    Everything was perfect thanks to them!
    Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks thanks thanks.
    Amelie and Damien

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    Eloise and Romain (mercredi, 18 juillet 2018 14:59)

    A big thank you Daniela & Eric for making us feel comfortable from the beginning. Thank you for your kindness your good mood throughout the day.
    The complicity that reigns between you two is touching.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos but still waiting thank you to all 2 for sharing our day.
    Eloise and Romain

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    Claire & Quentin (jeudi, 14 juin 2018)

    Hello Eric,
    First of all, back from our trip to Norway, we wanted
    really thank you for sharing and immortalizing our day!
    We had a lot of compliments from our loved ones on
    your discretion and kindness to both of them ... and they do not have
    still seen your photos!
    See you soon and again!
    Claire & Quentin

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    Hindatou & Nassirou (jeudi, 14 juin 2018 16:35)

    We chose EL Photographer from reviews on Weddings.Net
    We are a rather shy couple and we were quickly put at ease.
    A couple of photographers with care, listening and who offers ideas.
    Thank you EL for your patience and the beautiful pictures made.
    We are invited and we are all very happy.
    Hindatou & Nassirou

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    Fran & Romain (jeudi, 02 novembre 2017 12:13)

    We could not be happier with Eric and Daniela. Their service prior to the wedding was excellent, they were extremely quick to reply and even met with us in London, despite our wedding being in France. On the day they worked extremely hard, we particularly liked how they shot lots of natural poses. They did an excellent job of caturing some beautiful shots and a great range. The photos are of superb quality, we honestly couldn’t be happier.

    Fran & Romain

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    Emmanuelle and Sébastien (mercredi, 11 octobre 2017 09:50)

    Eric and Daniela are wonderful people. They are very professional, very flexible and they were able to adapt to the vagaries of the program and immortalize this day with magnificent photos. Eric and Daniela made themselves available to meet us, to define our desires and our needs. They were present before, during and after the event. We are very happy with the photo report that has been made: it traces every moment and allows us to relive our marriage in the smallest details. Thank you so much.
    Emmanuelle and Sébastien

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    Magali & Julien (lundi, 28 août 2017 16:49)

    Not only Eric and Daniela are great professionals, but they know how to put you in confidence so much that you take the game of the pictures even for the most reserved of us. They were able to adapt enthusiastically to our requests and stick to the identity of our event. Beyond the performance, it was a rich time to share with them on the human level.
    Magali & Julien

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    Emilie & Jérôme (jeudi, 24 août 2017 17:44)

    From the first appointment until D-Day, Éric and Daniela were perfect. They were able to accompany us at any moment by being very professional. Sympathetic and reassuring, they were unanimous with all.
    Emilie & Jérôme

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    Emmanuelle & Sébastien (jeudi, 24 août 2017 16:10)

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you very much for your work that was submitted sooner than expected!
    There are many pictures, they are superb, the choice will be difficult!
    Emmanuelle & Sébastien

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    Floriane and Stéphane (jeudi, 10 août 2017 16:15)

    Thank you Eric and Daniela for our photos of couple, it was an unforgettable moment.
    Thank you for this very nice moment. Our guests are delighted with the photos, only compliments.
    I advise you to the future bride and groom because you are a very professional team.
    Thanks again Floriane and Stéphane.

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    Marie & Lionel (jeudi, 29 juin 2017 16:50)

    I am really happy to have been able to have them as photographers, they are just great, listening and especially just beautiful photos ...
    El photographer works at 2 so more magic ... Pictures taken from all angles ...
    What can you say except that they are awesome
    Marie & Lionel

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    Anne-Sophie & Yohan (mardi, 13 juin 2017 12:05)

    Hello Eric,
    First of all, a big thank you for these beautiful photos! You captured the moments, the photos are splendid ...
    So, what a difficult choice to select the photos!
    Best regards
    See you soon
    Anne-Sophie & Yohan

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    Bénédicte & Benjamin (lundi, 27 mars 2017 10:53)

    Hello Eric,
    We visualized the photos they are superb! Thank you very much for capturing the ceremony this way.
    Best regards
    Bénédicte & Benjamin

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    Ingrid and Benoît (vendredi, 03 mars 2017 10:51)

    They are simply brilliant. To begin with, at this rate you think you have a photographer? Well you'll have 2! What better way to take the best natural moments without anyone expecting it? Photos of the bride and groom? They learn about the place and will always have plenty of good ideas for staging according to your personality! Present in all discretion, we know we can count on them and trust them with their eyes closed.
    Ingrid and Benoît

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    Brigitte & Jean-Marie (jeudi, 12 janvier 2017 11:07)

    With all our thanks for having accompanied us on our unforgettable day (14/05/2016) and for your work.
    We wish you a very good 2017 year with always so many contracts and especially a beautiful wedding to come to both.
    Brigitte & Jean-Marie

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    Cyrille & Arnaud (mardi, 27 décembre 2016 15:56)

    Hello Eric,
    Thank you for the album and your photos. Everything is perfect.
    We thank you for your professionalism and your patience!
    I wish you all a happy New Year and a very good year 2017.
    Cyrille & Arnaud

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    Mary & Nicolas (mardi, 08 novembre 2016 16:56)

    As more on the quality of the service:
    - Very good preparation of the upstream during the day.
    - Very attentive regarding the desired photo style for married.
    - Very quiet during the civil ceremony and for our secular ceremony.
    - Very nice with the guests during the group photo.

    I almost forgot to mention it but the pictures are beautiful!

    Conclusion: reference in terms of service, professional in whom one can have confidence to keep very good memories of our wedding pictures.

    See you soon
    Mary & Nicolas

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    Morgane et Renaud (mercredi, 19 octobre 2016 16:36)

    Un énorme merci pour votre travail, rien à redire sur votre prestation, juste parfait ! Vous avez su rester discret et énergique quand il s'agissait d'avoir la photo de groupe. De plus, des super idées en ce qui concerne les photos de couple. Très bon moment avec vous.
    Morgane et Renaud

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    Aurélie & Stephen (mercredi, 19 octobre 2016 16:06)

    Eric et Daniela sont tout simplement formidables. Du fait de leur professionnalisme, ils savent vous mettre à l'aise. Les photos sont magnifiques et retranscrivent l'émotion de ce jour inoubliable. Nous les recommandons sans hésitation.
    Aurélie & Stephen

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    Fanny et Cyril (mercredi, 24 août 2016 11:41)

    Nous avons tardé à vous envoyer ce petit mail mais nous sommes enfin au calme, la famille est repartie...
    Alors nous tenions à vous remercier pour cette journée mémorable. Vous avez été super, vous avez assurés toute la journée.
    Vous êtes vraiment des personnes adorables et nous n'hésiterons pas à vous recommander.
    Alors merci encore et à bientôt !
    Bon courage pour la suite
    Fanny et Cyril

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    Viviane & Jean-Pierre (vendredi, 22 juillet 2016 09:09)

    Daniela et Eric ont été fantastiques de notre première rencontre jusqu'au jour J !
    Bonne humeur, professionnalisme, sérieux, très très très gentil et flexibilité, ont été au rendez-vous et nous ne sommes pas déçus !
    Au contraire, nous ferons de nouveau appel à eux dans le futur !
    Mêmes nos invités nous ont félicités pour la qualité des photos, la créativité et la discrétion le jour J.
    Nous étions très difficiles pour trouver un bon prestataire et là, nous y sommes allés au coup de cœur et encore une fois, nous ne sommes pas déçus !
    Nous vous recommandons, sans hésiter, Daniela et Eric, ils répondront à vos désirs photographiques !
    Merci encore Daniela et Eric, nous avons passé un excellent moment en votre compagnie le 09/07/2016, que du positif et les photos sont superbes !
    A très très très vite !
    Viviane & Jean-Pierre

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    Charline & Xavier-Pierre (lundi, 27 juin 2016 14:09)

    Great couple of photographers, our wedding was a great success thanks to them both! I you really RECOMMENDED! We, we really had the photos we wanted and they remain a wonderful memory!

    Charline & Xavier-Pierre

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    Ronald & Frédérique (vendredi, 13 mai 2016 13:11)

    Hello Eric,

    Another big thank you for your work and your kindness. We keep a very good souvenir of your participation and we love to dive back into the workday through your photos.
    The guests loved the studio with the sled.

    Ronald & Frédérique

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    Ashleigh & Mathieu (vendredi, 06 mai 2016 14:29)

    Hello Eric,
    We have all received, thank you for your service, we are very satisfied with your work.
    Good continuation
    Ashleigh & Mathieu

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    Ynes & Hassan (jeudi, 05 mai 2016 17:34)

    Bonjour Éric,

    Tout d'abord nous vous remercions vous et toute votre équipe pour votre réactivité.
    Aussi, tous les invités se joignent a nous pour vous féliciter de la bonne humeur que vous avez su partager tout au long de la soirée

    Bien cordialement,
    Ynes & Hassan